Letter: Reduce payouts to save program



Social Security and Medicare as we know them are not, cannot be, and will not be, sustainable indefinitely. That is an indisputable fact — a matter of plain arithmetic. No one can change that. There simply is not enough money to sustain it.

Raising the tax rate won’t work because, as taxes go up, the economy goes down, and there will be fewer people working and paying taxes. Raising taxes on the rich is taxing the wage payers, the job producers, and the suppliers of affordable goods and services.

The real scoundrels are politicians who knowingly promised what they knew could not be sustained indefinitely. It got them elected. They deserved jail time. Entitlements can be saved and trillion-dollar deficits eliminated only if entitlements, including Social Security and Medicare, are reduced and eliminate it from those that are fraudulently getting it. But no politician dares to suggest that.The real choice is to reduce it or lose it.

Chuck Miller