Letter: ‘Us vs. them’ is a divider message



Now that the presidential election is in the home stretch, it’s time to look at the parties’ messages. What’s simpler than looking at their official bumper stickers? Statistics as of Sept. 2 reveal the following:

The Democratic National Committee’s online store offered five items: “Democrats — Change that matters” (two color choices), “Democrat” and an oval “DEM” (sticker or magnet).

Just three of the Republican National Committee’s 24 stickers indicated party affiliation. Reagan, the 2013 inauguration date, pride, spending, military, and the year 2012 accounted for nine more. None mentioned Mitt Romney. Seven were anti-Obama, either naming the president or using his O-shaped logo. The remaining five were: “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying taxes!” “Annoy a liberal, work hard — be happy.” “It’s not right or left. It’s right or wrong.” “Visualize no liberals.” “Vote Democrat. It’s easier than working.”

The Republican convention organizers worked hard to make people believe Romney is a nice guy who truly cares about people. But I suspect the RNC’s emphasis on staunch us-vs.-them phrasing reflects the true rigid ideology of today’s Republican Party.

Jamie Hurly