Everybody Has a Story: Cake baker covers her own tracks



Dad was a banker back in the good old days of country club memberships and pursuing clients. Mom was a piano teacher, and all-around good wife and mother. This was all back in the “Leave it to Beaver” days of the late ’50s and early ’60s.

One day, Dad let Mom know that he was bringing clients home for dinner that night. Mom, being the great cook she is, started her morning by baking a chocolate cake for the company’s dessert. It looked so yummy that she absolutely had to take a taste. The taste turned into a whole piece of cake. Illegal cake tastes best!

Her next task was to try to even out the cake and refrost it to cover up the damage. The first piece she took was too large, so refrosting didn’t work so well. The cake was uneven. That just wouldn’t do. So, clever Mom started baking a second cake.

Oh, boy! This freed up the first cake for eating! A big hunk of chocolate cake and a glass of cold milk for lunch, what could be better?

It slowly dawned on her that she should not leave any evidence of the half-eaten first cake. Dad would know that she had eaten an enormous amount of cake. The only obvious solution was to finish eating the entire cake, so she did.

The dinner guests seemed to like the cake that night. But Mom just giggled and passed on the cake, saying that she was on a diet. It’s a good thing Mom has a great metabolism.

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