Letter: Lucky to have survived on March 17



On Sunday, March 17, our daughter was in a 15-kilometer race in downtown Portland. Needing to support her in such a weird place, we decided to ride light rail and see for ourselves if there is anything to fear.

The Delta Park lot was full, so we drove to the next stop. It was there, parked next to the Dancing Bare, we realized we’re not in Vancouver anymore. The thought of what goes on behind those doors will haunt us forever.

With our Clark County values intact, we vowed to press on. It was only a minute until the light-rail train arrived. We don’t know which gang wears green, but over half the riders were flaunting the colors. It was a crime train. It was shocking.

They even dressed their children in green, assuring them a life of crime. Though very frightened, we found the strength to leave the train at the first opportunity. We will never leave Clark County again.

Dean and Nita Wessler