Letter: Bring Pearson back to life



Last summer I had a chance to visit two air museums in the Northwest. Both were great experiences, but unless there is a good reason, I probably won’t see either one of them again soon.

Last fall our Lions Club was treated to a one-hour tour of Pearson Air Museum, where I learned more air history than the full-day tours of the other two. Things like seeing one of the first test jets made me think “we really have something here.” About four years ago I attended a wedding of two airline pilots. Imagine my surprise when the bride and groom came flying in, complete with tux and gown. No big deal, but the bride was piloting the plane because she was licensed to fly a Taildragger. What a fun way to learn what a Taildragger is.

Last year we attended a piano concert sponsored by two schools for blind people. The museum staff seemed to take pride in welcoming both deaf and blind people to tour this historic place.

Yes, Pearson was a living museum. It made you want to come back again and again. The group that’s done such a good job of running it should definitely be put back in charge.

Ken Serviss