Letter: Park Service is best for Pearson



Recently I took a tour of Pearson Airfield given by an archaeologist working for the National Park Service. I learned far more about the history and heritage of Vancouver than in any number of previous visits to the air museum. Fort Vancouver and Pearson Field are truly a national treasure. It is a privilege to have a national park within our city limits, and these two assets would be best managed together. Having a room full of antique planes, with a non-profit Fort Vancouver National Trust charging $7 to look at them, pales in comparison.

From what I’ve read, the issue is that this nonprofit insists on scheduling activities on the property and surrounding space without regard for the charter of the Park Service. Would we accept the same for Yellowstone or Yosemite? Vancouver has many other venues available for group activities. Why do we need to take over Pearson, when we can’t even afford to take care of the parks we have? Is it really about us? Or is it just about this nonprofit group?

David Keith