Health worker report



The Health Systems Quality Assurance Division of the state Department of Health recently took disciplinary actions or has withdrawn charges against these Clark County health care providers.

In February, the Nursing Commission withdrew charges against registered nurse Shelley D. Tabe Arrey.

In March, the Nursing Assistant Program charged registered nursing assistant Derrick Bohrer with unprofessional conduct. Bohrer’s urine sample tested positive for hydrocodone and marijuana after hydrocodone prescribed for a patient was allegedly diverted.

In March, the Secretary of Health ordered Wendy A. Barrantes to cease-and-desist the unlicensed practice of massage. She has never held a massage practitioner credential.

In March, the Nursing Commission charged licensed practical nurse Allan John P. Albert with unprofessional conduct. Albert allegedly didn’t comply with a previous agreement.

If you have questions about this report, contact Health Systems Quality Assurance Division at 360-236-4700. For questions about the Oregon State Board of Nursing report, call 971-673-0685.