Letter: End corporate personhood



Since the doctrine of corporate personhood came into being about 2 1/2 years ago, we have seen money flooding into elections like never before. I fear that people in the future will not have a fair chance to run for any office without having to accept significant amounts of money from corporate entities.

I am concerned that future generations will have great doubt that they have a voice at all. We all have felt the effects of this policy, and it has only been in existence a short time.

It isn’t extreme to think that if this continues, the people’s vote could become meaningless, and yes, that means in Vancouver, too.

I don’t believe that all corporations are bad, and they are not all businesses. By using the word “corporation,” I am also talking about large unions, super-political-action committees, etc. Many corporations make meaningful contributions nationally and locally. However, we cannot know who will always be in charge of these massive entities.

It is time the Vancouver city council makes a stand for its residents — and that includes protecting the future rights of its children — by signing a resolution asking the federal government to end corporate personhood.

Heidi Sackos, Vancouver