Vital statistics




Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center

Meagen M. Barret and Keith M. Jacobson, Vancouver, a girl, Aubree P. Jacobson, July 24, 8 pounds, 3 ounces.

Kristine J. and Ryan M. Sarkkinen, Vancouver, a girl, Lillian Sharon, July 26, 8 pounds, 3 ounces.


Heather and Josh Buckbee, Yacolt, a boy, Levi Karl, July 2, 8 pounds, 2 ounces.

Marriage dissolutions


Andrew, Katherine Elizabeth and Andrew III, Lowell James.

Beaty, Arwen Christine and Aaron Steven. Woman's name changed to O'Learly.

Beaty, Christy Ann and Steven Michael.

Brock, Jennifer Nicole and Bruce Robert.

Camp, John Paul and Cheryl Denise.

Fazio, Adam and Erin Elizabeth.

Garrison, Brian D. and Leahy, Rachael Meridith.

Graves, Alyssa Harriet and Brandon Lerone. Woman's name changed to Mathews.

Grubbs, Marion L. and Dinnis R.

Guinto, Elsa H. and Romeo S.

Hamrick, Bridget S. and Timothy Mark. Woman's name changed to Bloodstone.

Hayes, Christa Marie and Jeremy Jakob.

Hopkins, Karen D. and Sessions, Michael D.

Jordan, Melissa Dee and Mark Lawson. Woman's name changed to Logan.

Kellis, Scott William and Amanda R.

Korell, Lindsey Ann and Matson, Derek K.

Kruger, Robert Alan and Lesley. Woman's name changed to Lieb.

Lawson, Anabel Valenzuela and Richard Dee.

Melo, Lisa Jean and Joseph Manuel.

Moszeter, Jock and Rita. Woman's name changed to Lewis.

Nickles, Ronald Lee and Paula Jo Ann. Woman's name changed to Black.

Pence, Matthew Brian and Deidre Marie.

Peto, Kandi Rae and Garry Allan. Woman's name changed to Reiter.

Ramey, Tyler and Tiffany. Woman's name changed to Kasch.

Seng, Thida and Yong, Rath.

Smith-Pelett, Brenda Jean and Pelett, Daniel Owen. Woman's name changed to Smith.

Souki, Kacey L. and Erik Alan.

Spalding, Frederick Floyd and Riki Margaret.

Thomas, Lindsay Rae and Mark Russell. Woman's name changed to Hill.

Vaughan, Cheryl Ann and Elon Elijah. Woman's name changed to Stacy.

Vedanti, Jessica Margaret and Joshua Lynn.

Vestal, Stephanie Marie and Christopher Donald. Woman's name changed to Hartman.


Anglin, Tameran Christine and Michael Joseph.

Glasow, John and Victoria.


Auseth, Aaron and Feather.

Brody-Heim, Shanagh and Heim, Joel William.

Brown Jr., Thomas Owen and Lang-Brown, Kristi Anne.

Brusseau, Tracy Lee and Brian.

Collins, Heather Rose and Daniel Dee Earl.

Davis, Tawni Michelle and Rafn, Christopher Ray Jr.

Dupont, Jeffrey David and Ann Marie.

Elmore, Lynda Anne Taylor and Joseph Bernard.

Filippo, Donald S. and Janet.

Gilbert, Kerry S. and Diane M.

Gorbet, Tracie and Navarra, Richard.

Gould, James John and Naomi.

Hanson, John P. and Ellen L.

Holtz, Michelle R. and Robert George.

Hopson, Lauren M. and Phillip D.

Idomir, Angela Leigh and Kenneth George.

Katsanes, Nicole Briana and Ryan Arthur.

Lasley, Down Marie Ivy and John Lee.

Mermarian, Julie A. and John A.

Mitchell, Brian Stephen and Shelby N. Franks.

Navarro, Kimberly and Eddie.

Okraku, Enoch and Rose Ann.

Parker, Barbara L. and James C.

Pickering, Carolyn Jude and Matthew Allen.

Pinkerton, Harold I. Jr. and Faye E.

Quigley, Patrick Karl and Bridget Lynn.

Ruark, James and Tara.

Schroder, Tracy Sue and James Anthony.

Sindberg, Lois Carol and McNatt, Virgil Lee.

Stone, Steven and Kelley.

Watrus, Deborah E. and Kevin M.

Zialcita, Maria Asa and Nguyen, Danny.


Edgerton, Lisa Marie and Bradford Jason.

Ferguson, Florence J. and Robert Shawn.

Glasow, John and Victoria.

Shaw, Stephanie Angela and Paul Anthony.

Wall, Virginia Marie and Douglas Keith.

Marriage licenses


Barnes, Jordan Leigh, 19, Happy Valley, Ore., and Obermiller, Joshua Jeffrey, 22, Happy Valley, Ore.

Barrett, Casey Maxwell, 28, Lake Oswego, Ore., and Baustien, Lindsay Margaret, 30, Lake Oswego, Ore.

Chambers, Peter Benjamin, 24, Vancouver, and Strizu, Jennifer Ann, 25, Vancouver.

Christiansen, Michael Eugene, 50, Washougal, and Lindstrom, Sandra Larue, 46, Washougal.

Croslin, Kendal Michelle, 24, Vancouver, and Morales, Alexander Joseph, 24, Vancouver.

De Kanter, Janelle Marie, 25, Beaverton, Ore., and Lichtenberger, Brent Robert, 26, Beaverton, Ore.

Deviatkina, Natalia Vladimirovna, 26, Vancouver, and Tischenko, Evgeny Vladimirovich, 34, Vancouver.

Elliott, Kathy Gay, 53, Vancouver, and Kaye, Geri Marie, 43, Vancouver.

Fine, Kay Marie, 61, Silver Lake, and Martin, Yvonna Marie, 46, Silver Lake.

Fritz, Brandi Brittany, 30, Camas, and Robards, Brian Michael, 31, Camas.

Helgeson, Robert Elvin, 54, Vancouver, and Carter, Cheryl Rose, 63, Vancouver

Manfredi, Santina Angelic, 26, Vancouver, and Pileggi, Nathaniel Thomas, 26, Stayton, Ore.

Michalsky, Lillian Marie, 64, Helena, Mont., and Malina, Alexandra Mary Swaney, 69, Helena, Mont.

Nolde, Jonah Emmerson, 32, Portland, and Divittorio, Megan Lea, 32, Portland.

Oldroyd, Thomas Van, 53, Molalla, Ore., and Partch, Scott William, 58, Molalla, Ore.

Onsri, Adchara, 31, Vancouver, and Benitez, Miguel Cabrera, 26, Vancouver.

Oppenheimer, Zorah Azous, 26, Vancouver, and Todd, Ryan Patrick, 36, Vancouver.

Rice, Jessie Lee, 50, Dallas, Ore., and Smith, Tina Marie, 53, Dallas, Ore.

Walter, Tristin Rianne, 24, Vancouver, and Boell, Ryan Scott, 24, Vancouver.

Whitford, Megan Rose, 31, Ridgefield, and Maxwell, Travis Kenneth, 35, Ridgefield.

Court sentencings

The Columbian's policy is to publish all Clark County Superior Court felony sentencings, as provided by the Clark County Clerk's Office. DC signifies that the defendant has entered drug court. Addresses are provided by the courts and may have changed by the time of sentencing. Misdemeanor sentencings, provided by District Court, are published for the following crimes: DUI (driving under the influence), DWS/revoked (driving while license is suspended or revoked), theft-3 (third-degree theft), and assault-4 (fourth-degree assault). If the defendant is sentenced for other misdemeanors at the same time, those offenses are also listed. Money figures represent fines.

Judges: John Hagensen, John Nichols, James Swanger, Barbara Johnson, James Rulli, Vernon Schreiber, Robert Lewis, Richard Melnick, Darvin Zimmerman, Diane Woolard, Scott A. Collier, Greg Gonzales, Kelli Osler, Sonya Langsdorf, Dan Stahnke, Suzan Clark, Clayton Spencer and David Gregerson. Judge Protem: Terry Vetter. Court Commissioners: Carin Schienberg, Amy Swingen, Alison Greene, Jeff Witteman, Mary Arden, Kristen Parcher and Dayann Liebman.


Baker, Dustin Lincoln, 31, 40008 N.E. 63rd Ave., La Center, 90 days, identity theft-2. (Clark, July 29)

Bean, Ryan Marcus, 26, not available, 60 days, burglary-2. (Clark, July 29)

Campbell, Alexander Albert, 30, 4046 V St., Washougal, 85 days, theft-2. (Stahnke, July 31)

Cheney, Cameron Phillip, 42, 105 Barbie Lane, Longview, 14 months, possession of methamphetamine. (Stahnke, July 31)

Christiansen, Andrew Dayton, 23, 5809 N.E. 119th St., 90 days, assault-2 domestic violence. (Clark, July 26)

Durham, Herschel Vernon, 33, 3317 N.E. May St., 36 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Stahnke, July 31)

Finstad, Kimberly Ann, 26, 3004 S.E. Balboa Drive, 45 days, criminal impersonation-1. (Stahnke, July 31)

Grant, Aaron David, 35, 10608 N.E. 396th St., Battle Ground, 17 months, taking motor vehicle without permission-2. (Stahnke, July 31)

Hanockston, Derival, 33, no address, 15 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Stahnke, July 31)

Krout, Curtis Dean, 25, 737 S.E. Russell St., Camas, 366 days, possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. (Clark, July 29)

Miller, Jedehiah Matthew, 31, 7417 N.E. 110th Ave., 13 months, robbery-2. (Clark, July 29)

Ortiz, Joseph Rufugio, 29, no address, 50 days, theft-1. (Clark, July 29)

Sheppard, Adam Alexander, 27, 11707 N.W. 26th Ave., and 11412 N.E. Conifer Dr., 45 days, escape from community custody. (Stahnke, July 31)

Stamper, Tyler Joe Vincent, 28, 1411 Date St., 20 months, burglary-2. (Clark, July 29)

Talkington, Matthew Chip, 54, 41510 N.E. Columbia Tie Road, Amboy, 4 months, assault-3, bail jumping on class B or C felony. (Stahnke, July 31)

Turner, Anthony Dwight, 46, 2600 T St., 366 days, two counts possession of methamphetamine. (Stahnke, July 31)

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