Letter: Don’t judge harshly … too early



I have to admit that I was one of those who thought the appointment of state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, to director of Environmental Services by the M&M boys was cronyism and just downright insane. Well, after reading the interview in the July 28 story, “Benton discusses new county job: After controversial hiring, senator details his qualifications and goals,” I have to admit that I was terribly wrong.

Where in the county, state or even the whole Western United States could we have found someone with Benton’s stellar qualifications? He learned to conserve water when he was a boy, he has recycled for years and he has planted many trees. These three qualifications are just nearly impossible to find. On top of that he is a good manager — yelling obscenities at colleagues in the Senate is a prime example of the type of person we want to manage county affairs since that is the way to build consensus.

With these qualifications on the environment and the excellent management skill techniques, I can now see why M&M appointed him — there were obviously no other comparable candidates.

I guess one day I will try not to be so quick to judge.

Stephen Schrag