Letter: More of the same — no change



Apparently little has changed with the Columbia River Crossing project. Most work north of the bridge has been relegated to the bottom of the list, the unofficial name of the project remains “CRC with light rail” and The Columbian editorials are once again extolling us to support the project because it’s the right thing to do.

On the personal side, I still haven’t figured out the difference between Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber’s example of compromise — “No light rail. No project. No kidding” — and Washington state Sens. Don Benton and Ann Rivers’ “no” votes on the transportation package. Also, I still have no faith in TriMet, or its business practices. I still support construction of the bridge, and believe that it would provide excellent economic stimulus, i.e. jobs, for both Vancouver and Portland, without light rail.

Like I said, apparently little has changed with the CRC project.

Russell Williams