Letter: Roundabouts unaffordable option



It was interesting to note the Aug. 13 headline “Vancouver can’t afford to tend streets” directly underneath a picture of the Northeast 138th Avenue project, which, in my opinion, was largely a waste of money. Granted Northeast 138th Avenue needed some upgrading and curbs and sidewalks are certainly a nice upgrade, but the roundabouts? I would certainly like to hear the logic that was presented in approving the new roundabouts at Northeast 32nd Circle and at Northeast 44th Street. I thought roundabouts were designed to keep traffic moving through busy cross streets with minimal slowing.

Someone please explain the traffic movement crossing 32nd Circle at 138th Avenue. On one side are about 10 to 12 townhouse-type units and on the east side virtually nothing. Perhaps 44th Street is a little more justified as there is some traffic moving from west to east, but here again nothing beyond 138th Avenue.

The managers or engineers who approved these roundabouts need to be looking for a new job. Tens of thousands of dollars wasted on a roundabout that has no value. This is money that could have been spent upgrading the northern section of 138th Avenue minus any roundabouts.

Duane Huntley