Letter: Participation is balanced



May I here thank Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore for sponsoring and approving public invocations at their weekly meetings? Honoring God by recognizing His divine surveillance over our nation, county and people would seem to be a very good thing to do. Thereby we show our gratitude and ask for His blessings upon the decisions that these commissioners will be making at these meetings.

Their decision to incorporate these invocations at the beginning of their meetings brings all of us to recognize our dependence upon the goodness of our God. Those who do not want to participate are quite free not to do so. No one is compelling them to do anything against their beliefs.

Since invocations started in March, representatives of all faiths have been invited. Eighty-three percent of these leaders have been of a Christian background; 5 percent come from a Jewish or Messianic perspective while the latest leader at the Aug. 13 meeting was from the Assemble of the Baha’i. I would say that is an accurate representation of those within our community who desire to participate. Also, there have been a few simple times of silence.

The example was set long ago by our Founding Fathers in their statements, prayers, and lives.

Ralph Warren