Letter: Republicans miss the boat



Closing government down?

So, the conservatives of the House are hell bent to close down the government to make another statement about Obama’s “out-of-control deficit”?

They have done so very much for all of us the last five years, including trying to repeal Obamacare some 40 times. Wait a minute! It’s the law of the land and deemed constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court and funded by mandate.

They’ve supported their constituents, both fair-skinned white boys and girls and those of color, in the never-ending struggle to stop voter fraud. Wait a minute! Statistically, no voter fraud in any of those “voter suppression” states has occurred.

They’ve been supportive of actions to take away women’s right to privacy concerning their own bodies (vaginal probes, really?). Women’s opinions don’t count so why listen to them, eh? Good going, chaps.

And Obama? It is true that his “out-of-control budget” has been the lowest since 2008. So far, the 2013 budget deficit is 37 percent lower than the same time period for 2012. But who’s counting? I know that somewhere in that delusional brain of some of you the conservatives of Congress somehow did that. But who’s counting?

Jim Comrada