Letter: If only we could click our heels



I had a nightmare. I was trying to get into a Clark County commissioners meeting. I wound up standing in line at a circus tent with a banner reading, "M&M Brothers' Three Ring Circus, The Saddest Show on Earth." It was difficult getting in, but once I bowed my head in prayer, they ushered me in. There were only a few people in the audience, but what a show. Mad Man Madore was galloping around, without a horse, chanting, "Profits and Prophets, a match made in Heaven." A few faithful applauded.

I had no "emotional response" at first, but when his sidekick, Monkey Mielke, began dancing and prancing about in a sing-song voice repeatedly saying, "I smell malfeasance, but I don't mind," I started to tear up. The few faithful clapped in unison.

I watched in astonishment as Mad Man Madore introduced Big Bully Benton. He rode in, firmly implanted on a bulldozer, ready to fight any takers. Armed with a salesman's grin he said, "Come on, question my experience. I dare you." His lawyers stood his ground.

I woke up in a sweat thinking, "Is this a democracy or a theocracy?" There is a difference.

Rich Stever