Letter: Dictated coverage is costly



Larry Dorr’s Dec. 2 letter, “It’s capitalism, not socialism,” reminded us that insurance corporations are capitalism at work. Dorr should realize that insurance companies live by the following principle: Take much, give little. After Hurricane Katrina, they sought federal intervention to lessen their responsibility to policyholders.

In his letter “End pretense that ACA will work,” Bill Forbes offered President Obama suggested reading in order that the president learn something about insurance before he ignorantly forces law upon America.

Irene Dilley, in her opinion “Three options is plenty of choices,” berates Kurtis Williams for staying on his parents’ health insurance for as long as is practicable. Apparently, Dilley thinks that Williams doesn’t need to conserve money.

Regardless of your opinions on Obamacare, I personally know a woman whose insurance, a policy that covered past cancer surgery and recovery, is to be canceled because it doesn’t meet Affordable Care Act criteria. She was paying under $200 monthly toward employer-sponsored coverage. Because ACA dictates that she “transition” to the proper ACA-dictated coverage, her monthly costs are projected at over $600. How is this affordable? The ACA-dictated coverage comes with greater deductibles and she also has to change doctors and providers.

Peter L. Williamson