Letter: Satisfied with the news delivered



This morning as I sat in my recliner, reading the newspaper, I realized how much I miss reading my newspaper. It’s full of news, and I don’t have to read the editorial page if I don’t want to. Over the past two decades, I (and my wife) have always loyally subscribed to the local paper, but I’ve been one of those who has tended increasingly to use the Internet for my news and also the shares of my liberal Facebook friends and the frightening emails from my Democratic Party allies. The trouble with that is that most of my news has a biased slant just because the use of emails and Facebook sharing tends to direct friendly, if biased, news my way. The words of Republicans themselves are as frightening as the things liberals say about them.

How pleasant it was this Saturday morning to take my news from The Columbian, accompanied by informative graphs and charts. My wife shared with me this morning that she agrees that it’s much less divisive to read The Columbian than the other “selective” news sources were deluged with.

Keep up the good work, Columbian. You, my recliner and I will become close friends again.

George Thomas