Talking Points: Garrett Grayson gets it done




Congratulations Garrett Grayson.

Most people in Clark County will remember how WSU fumbled away a 15-point lead in the final minutes of Saturday’s New Mexico Bowl.

But Grayson, a Heritage High School graduate, did his hometown proud. The Colorado State quarterback threw for 369 yards and two touchdowns.

It caps off a record-setting season for Grayson, who is CSU’s single-season passing leader.

Saturday was surely sweet for Grayson, who was told by the previous regime at WSU that he wasn’t good enough to play quarterback for the Cougars.


Many people say there are too many college bowl games.

But Saturday’s New Mexico Bowl showed that even lower-tier games held before Christmas can be entertaining.

Neither WSU or Colorado State had a player who had ever participated in a bowl game. Both teams played like Saturday’s game meant something.

That’s what makes next year’s four-team BCS playoff a good system. Elite teams will have a bona-fide Final Four, but teams such as WSU and Colorado State can still have a worthwhile bowl experience.


The largest crowd ever to see a women’s hockey game in North Dakota got to see the intensity of the U.S.-Canada rivalry on Friday.

At the end of the game, Team USA became irked at Canadian forward Brianne Jenner for a high hit on USA defenseman Josephine Pucci. So, after Jenner came out of the penalty box, Jocelyne finished a check on Jenner, starting a brawl.

“I’m not a proponent of fighting in hockey,” U.S. coach Katey Stone said. “I am a proponent for standing up for yourself. If players are going to take cheap shots at our players, there’s going to be an answer for that.”