Letter: Herrera Beutler insensitive



Regarding David Miller’s Jan. 26 letter, “Herrera Beutler is no ‘centrist,’ ” I agree with his comments about The Columbian’s effusive adoration of Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, and the perception that she is a centrist politician. She is not a centrist like her predecessor. The Columbian does run supportive “politically aimed” stories and pictures of her.

Herrera Beutler “poses” in front of issues with grandiose, finely postured photographs often greater than the issue itself. I am sure she is a fine person, but she opens Pandora’s box to issues that voters can handle on their own without her political maneuvering. She incorporates her own picture on publicly paid issue-alerting mail-outs to grab more attention to herself. She has been an extreme grandstander focusing more on her political career rather than being sensitive and attentive to people out of her tunnel-vision path for rising politically.

Herrera Beutler may become known as the “spearhead” and politician who killed the light rail coming to Washington. She has less knowledge, in my opinion, of the myriad of peoples who could benefit from the light rail crossing over to Washington. Perhaps, she is largely attentive to her own party and narrow point-of-view on the issues, unless they benefit her rise in the political arena.

Dean Osterman