Talking Points: RG3 over RW1?



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


The votes are in, and Robert Griffin III has been selected as the NFL’s Rookie of the Year. Griffin certainly took the league by storm, electrifying fans and making the Washington Redskins relevant again while leading them to the playoffs.

Yet, we must disagree with the media members who voted for Griffin as the top rookie. The Seahawks’ Russell Wilson also led his team to the playoffs, and by the end of the season Seattle might have been the best team in the NFL (apologies to the 49ers and Ravens).

Wilson is accustomed to being overlooked. He was drafted in the third round (and critics scoffed), and he earned the starting job in fall camp (and critics scoffed). But he may well have been the best quarterback in the league — not just the best rookie — over the second half of the season.

RG3? Thrilling and talented player. But we’d rather have RW1.


Speaking of the NFL awards announced Saturday, Adrian Peterson was named league MVP, while Peyton Manning finished second. We don’t know whether Manning was the best quarterback in the league, but we do know that a QB should have won the award.

With modern offenses requiring quarterbacks to make numerous decisions at the line of scrimmage on every play, in addition to throwing the ball some 30 or 40 times a game, it is inaccurate to think that another player can have more of an impact than a great QB. The quarterback decides where the ball goes on every play.


Three of the nation’s most respected prognosticators — Princess the Popcorn Park (N.J.) Zoo camel, Chaco the Virginia Zoo armadillo, and Eli the Hogle (Utah) Zoo ape — all say the Ravens will win Super Bowl XLVII.

What, you were expecting Terry, Howie and Jimmy?

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