Letter: New bridge needed without light rail



Enough is enough. I’ve read my fill of other people’s opinions about why I might have voted for or against the proposed bus rapid transit/light rail operations tax. Very simply, I voted against the proposal because I believe that it may be the closest I will ever come to having any input on the subject of light rail in Clark County, other than paying inflated tolls and other taxes for it. The evolution of “the vote” to its final form would have been an entertaining display of political ineptness, except for its very visible efforts to deprive the general public of any meaningful input to the project.

I can envision — and support — a Columbia River Crossing project built without light rail, and financed using several sources of funding, including a reasonable toll. I also believe that such a project would still meet the Columbia River Economic Development Council goal of “stimulating job creation and investment in the region.”

Finally, I would like to thank our Clark County commissioners for being willing to talk of this. Though they never represent me individually, it’s kind of neat to hear them express my concerns, even when those concerns are not politically correct.

Russ Williams