Letter: Spending is what fortifies economy



I get so disgusted with all this talk about our government’s spending. A government can’t overspend. The government can spend on what we might not agree on, but the only way the economy can stay strong is spending. If you don’t agree, ask any business person as to what happens when no customers show up to spend.

Now, if industry or individuals don’t spend, that’s the beginning of a monetary problem. When the money gets hidden from our economy, we all are in trouble. The only way to solve this is for the government to tax this money back into circulation. If industry and/or people are already spending to their max, don’t tax them, as they are already serving our economy to the best of their ability.

We, as voters, just ended up voting for Initiative 1185; our state government is not able to increase taxes without a two-thirds majority vote.

Guess what? Our Congress will never increase the taxes on industries, to our economy’s downfall.

Don’t take my word for it. Study Denmark, for instance, on their economy and then look at how Greece’s economy is doing. Look at their tax structure differences.

Dean G. Ickes