Letter: Rank degrees of accountability



On reading Loti S. Christensen’s Feb. 3 letter, “Clinton evades accountability,” regarding the Benghazi investigation, I’m at a loss as to what Christensen would have had then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton do, other than take full responsibility.

Should Clinton have resigned, or should President Obama have fired her? If either is the case, then should the following have resigned their posts or been fired after our embassies were attacked in these years: Dulles (1958), Rogers (1971, 1972), Kissinger (1974, 1975), Vance (two in 1979), Shultz (two in 1983, two in 1984, two in 1986, 1987), Baker (1989), Christopher (1993), Albright (1995, two in 1998, 1999), Powell (three in 2002, 2003, two in 2004), Rice (two in 2006, 2007, two in 2008)? That’s 25 attacks under Republican presidents and 8 under Democrat presidents.

As for the comment about Obama being on the campaign trail when Benghazi was attacked, the implication is that he was not performing his duties as president. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2012, Obama attended a 9/11 ceremony in New York; that afternoon he visited wounded veterans at Walter Reed Medical Center — not exactly the typical “campaign” functions implied. At any rate, it’s more “presidential” than reading “My Pet Goat” to kindergarteners.

Lou Little