Letter: Legislature perks abound




The recent reporting regarding our state legislators’ expenditures, at taxpayers’ expense, seems like “business as usual” for the legislators. You may recall they once had a French chef to prepare their meals, but when it became public, the Legislature stopped that practice.

The latest burden was their laundry bill, family-plan cellphones (for some) and Internet service in their homes, all paid for by the taxpayers. This was kept quiet, like the French chef, until it was publicized.

Taxpayers who work in state offices and other occupations must pay for their laundry, Internet service and most cellphone bills. Wouldn’t it be simpler, and less expensive, for the state to issue prison attire to the legislators, which would be cheaper to clean? And there would be less interpersonal competition and possibly reduce the partisan bickering, thereby also saving the taxpayers the expense of the ever-increasing special Legislature sessions.

Wilfred J. Hudson