Letter: Leavitt taking wrong approach



Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt is running for re-election, and at the same time proposing a large increase to the gasoline tax to pay for transportation, and possibly an increase in vehicle license and driver’s license fees and a raise in “other” taxes to pay for “other” stuff. A Feb. 14 Columbian story reported, “Washington mayors call for gas tax hike.”

I note that Mayor Leavitt is not proposing aggressive enforcement of current vehicle and driver’s license laws for the many who live in Vancouver and use illegal Oregon plates and driver’s licenses. The fines and fees from which would go to pay for, oh gee, transportation. And the illegal sales tax exemption that these people claim could go to pay for “other” stuff. Mayor Leavitt has obviously decided that taxing honest citizens is far easier than closing loopholes and going after crooks.

I voted for Mayor Leavitt in the last election. That’s a mistake I will not make again.

Henry C. Geren II