Letter: Schools deserve our support



Reading the Feb. 19 Columbian story. “B.G. school levy fails; backers look to April vote.” I am not as “shell-shocked” as John Idsinga, president of the Battle Ground School Board, that the levy failed. Every time a school levy comes up, I vote “yes,” wherever I live.

No, I am not a parent, but that does not stop me from supporting our schools, the teachers and the children who deserve a fair break. I would rather see the kids in school learning than undereducated and out on the streets. It seems that the 55 percent who voted against this levy would rather support other things in Battle Ground than the future. That does not surprise me because I have seen many changes here in Battle Ground, and not always in a positive way.

Why are these folks so shortsighted to not support the future? To not support schools and the kids? There are a number of things that I do not see eye to eye with in regards to our Superintendent Shonny Bria, but I do support the school levies, our Battle Ground schools, the teachers and the kids who attend those schools.

I will be voting “yes” for future school levies in Battle Ground.

Aletha Criss

Battle Ground