Letter: More guns not the solution



Bryan Patterson’s Dec. 27 letter, “Tighter control restricts citizens,” maintained that shooters would think twice about going into movie theaters, malls, schools if more of the public could actually bear arms in public places. Maybe someone needs to recall that most of these shooters are killing themselves. Do you really think they care whose bullet kills them? Besides, most of these shooters are mentally ill in the first place. Logic is not their strong point.

And let’s just take a moment to reflect on having lots of untrained people (i.e. not police officers) with guns shooting at whomever they perceive to be the first shooter. In dark theaters. In busy malls. In schools with children all around. Talk about mass killings — that’s one great recipe. Plus, let’s not forget what these well-meaning heroes will have to live with when they make mistakes.

Armed guards (assume trained) in the schools? Sure. We just won’t pay for teachers since there won’t be enough money to pay everyone. But if we do have the extra money, perhaps we could use it to treat the mentally ill instead of finding ways to shoot them after the damage is already done.

Jordis Jensen and Paul Whiting