Letter: An armed citizenry is not solution



The Dec. 28 Columbian story, “Lawmaker-elect enters gun debate,” reported on state Rep.-elect Liz Pike’s, R-Camas, decision to again fall in line with the extreme right-wing positions, this time that teachers ought to be armed while in school.

The Neanderthal level of reasoning of these people is absolutely astounding. Their answer to a shooting is to have more bullets flying that could victimize more people. Their answer is to have teachers not think first of getting their students to safety but of tactics better left to trained police and military.

There is a lot more involved in these situations than the simplistic notion of pulling a firearm and shooting. But then what is there to reason about when the primary interest is the next check from one of the most powerful lobbies in the country. It appears that in so many ways our society is devolving into ever-more primitive actions and reactions.

Let us instead lift a voice for more civilized courses of action. Putting guns in the hands of the teachers is the lazy, simplistic reaction of people who are living in the wrong century.

Roland Minder