Letter: Reconnect value to human life



Humankind has always been plagued by nemeses, hazards, boogeymen, phobias and scapegoats. Our current favorite scapegoats and phobias are assault weapons, Republicans and Christians.

Assuming all firearms could somehow be collected in the U.S.A., giving the liberals their Utopian Nirvana, the open borders policy so desired by the liberals would be an invitation for every profit-minded smuggler to add firearms to their list of imported goods. We have seen how well the borders are protected, keeping out the drug trade and foreign trespassers, I’m sure the problem will be solved for, oh, at least six months.

The politicians will once again make their pompous speeches, pass more useless laws and feel good about themselves.

The problem is not the devices used; it is the humans who have been led to believe they are not responsible for their actions. “It is society’s fault.”

Add in what passes for entertainment today and the desire of these individuals to be “famous,” it is no surprise that human life has become valueless to so many of us.

Ken Kraemer