Letter: Stop blaming gun owners



Along with other citizens, I mourn for the victims that lost their lives at the hand of the crazed shooter during the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Nevertheless, as a gun owner, I resent that I, along with millions of others, are being blamed for the act of a madman.

Those who are attacking the ownership of semi-automatic firearms claim that citizens have no need for semi-auto firearms and high-capacity magazines for self-defense. They may be well-meaning, but they are wrong.

I was born and raised in California and lived in Los Angeles at the time of the Watts riots. At that time, the mobs were looting and burning every business and house in the area.

The streets were so dangerous the police were nowhere to be found, leaving the citizens on their own.

As the riots continued for days, the citizens took to the streets, with semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines, to defend their homes and businesses. In a defensive situation where you have a force of dozens against one, a bolt-action rifle or six-shot handgun is not much of a deterrent.

As you read my comments, please keep in mind there were roughly 75,000,000 American gun owners who committed no acts of gun violence last year.

Ray Blanke