Letter: Plenty of frustrations



I could write a letter to the editor every day because of all of the nonsense that is going on in this country. Because I cannot, here is my list.

• Fiscal cliff: Elected lawmakers acted like children at the expense of the people who elected them.

• Debt ceiling: See above.

• Assault weapons: In the hands of "rednecks," go figure.

• Concealed weapons in public places: See above.

• Armed teachers: What does that tell our children about our society?

• Liquor taxes: a fraud on the voters. Just charge the normal state sales tax.

• Voters — continually re-electing buffoons to political office .

• David Madore: No bridge? Get real. No tolls? Try the commute for once. I did for 40 years. Also, building it will create jobs, and manufacturers will look at Clark County, knowing their trucks will not be tied up in traffic jams.

• Gas prices: How many times must these hikes occur before the public demands an investigation?

1• Dysfunction in the U.S. Senate: 60 votes to pass anything. Filibusters. A total joke.

Oh well, we all know absolutely nothing will change. Passive voters, corrupt politicians — it is just a continual merry-go-round. We reap what we sow.

Lynn Brown