Letter: ‘Moochers’ an insult to those in need



I find Robert Wassman’s Dec. 6 letter, “Moochers drag down the rest of us,” disgusting.

My parents and two of my brothers have met the standards that Wassman would consider “moocher.” My parents worked their adult lives. When they reached the age of 65, they both received their Social Security payments until their deaths. Social Security was their only means of income as they did not have a 401(k), IRA or any other type of retirement fund.

My brothers both worked until they could not due to medical problems. One brother had a heart attack at the age of 42. In the process of his open heart surgery, he received tainted blood, which destroyed his liver. He worked until 60 and received Social Security disability until his death at the age of 66. He received his medical attention from the VA as he was a Korean War Veteran.

My younger brother worked until he was diagnosed with MS. He filed for disability at the age of 58, which he is living on at the present time. As a Vietnam veteran, his care is under the VA.

My tax dollars go for the support of the needs for my brother with the help of thousands of compassionate Americans. I thank them for their help.

Curt Ebel