Letter: Had enough of Obama’s dictating



President Obama has figuratively spit on the Constitution time and time again by his words and actions. He has issued an excessive number of executive orders, and created unvetted positions in his administration by “appointing” czars into roles of leadership to control industries and energy sources.

Obama and his cronies sponsored and rammed through the National Defense Authorization Act in the dark of night and signed it at midnight on Jan. 1, 2012.

And now he is using a tragedy as a false premise to come after the Second Amendment, which was specifically written for the citizens to have an emergency measure should the government turn on them.

And when Obama signs his executive order or attempts to redefine our Second Amendment, he will need to be removed from office by impeachment.

And if our House of Representatives won’t listen to us and initiate the process, then I call on the military to uphold their oath and conduct a military court-martial.

The Constitution is our foundation and I know Obama finds it inconvenient as I would expect any dictator attempting to “fundamentally” change America.

Chris Hill