Letter: Food products need detailed labels



In 1992, the Monsanto Corporation told the Food and Drug Administration that its new genetically modified organisms were substantially equivalent to conventional foods and therefore would not need testing. So the FDA approved the sale of GMO canola, soy, corn, and cotton, and said there would be no testing or labeling requirements.

Since then, millions of acres have been planted with these crops and they’re in nearly all processed foods. We’re all part of a giant experiment, without our permission, without our knowledge, with no way of knowing the results.

Not only have these foods not been tested, if they cause disease, scientists will not be able to determine the cause because they aren’t labeled.

We need transparency. The head of food safety in the FDA is Michael Taylor, a former vice president of Monsanto. The campaign to label GMO foods turned in enough signatures to qualify for the ballot next November as state Initiative 522.

Watch the online video “Genetic Roulette,” follow LabelitWaClark on Facebook, or contact crVanWash@gmail.com. We have the right to know what’s in our food. Just label it.

Don Steinke