Letter: Power-hungry prey on our fears



Be afraid. Why? Satan is just around the corner, and he wants your soul.

Be afraid. Why? The liberals are coming, and they want your freedom.

Be afraid. Why? Barack Obama is hovering over you, and he’ll take away your guns.

Be afraid. Why? Because there is a homosexual student sitting one row away from you in class, and he wants to make you gay.

Be afraid. Why? There is a germ with your name on it, and if you don’t hurry out and buy the latest medication hawked on television, it will infect your whole body.

Or we can stop being so afraid. Why? Because none of the above is true.

We Americans are the freest, best-protected people in the world: from governmental interference in our lives, external enemies and from illness. The NRA and some of our religious leaders and politicians are simply increasing their wealth and power, making fools of us by keeping us afraid.

Gun-control advocates are not trying to repeal the Second Amendment. They’re just trying to limit the kinds of killing machines that are out there and who can get one. And why not? Freedom of speech is not absolute. Why should the right to have a gun be absolute?

Joel Littauer