Letter: Light rail needs long-range plan



I am not aware of any discussion or plan espoused by any local entity north of the Columbia River regarding establishing a light rail system for Vancouver and environs. I have seen the Columbia River Crossing map depicting the proposed path of TriMet’s light rail line ending at Clark Community College. It appears that downtown Vancouver is nothing more than an end node on the TriMet system. Exactly why then would light rail need to be installed to Vancouver, especially as it appears to connect to no other rail system existing or proposed? Especially since C-Tran already serves these exact areas.

Is there no strategy to grow a light rail system in Clark County? The quarter-mile-square area in downtown Vancouver is not a system. What about the vast remainder of the Vancouver metro area? Perhaps this is the seed and there exists a plan for light rail development for Vancouver. I would be interested in learning about that plan.

David McBride