Letter: Harvest renewable energy



In a course I took titled “Environmental Stewardship” at Brigham Young University Idaho, we often discussed the amount of energy that Americans use, which is much more than most of the world’s population. Many sources in the media tell us that we are running out of resources. I do not know what is and is not true about what is left, but either way, I am glad that we are pushing toward renewable energy sources.

I know that plenty of Washington’s renewable energy comes from hydropower, but even though our state has already exceeded the standard of energy produced from renewable energy sources, I think it is a good idea to continue to increase our sources of renewable energy, particularly wind turbines.

Some complain that wind turbines will ruin wildlife and scenic areas, but every energy source has a risk. The fact that it is renewable and does not cause pollution means that the air will be cleaner and there will be more wildlife for those that follow us on our earth. As I often drive through the Columbia River Gorge, I am amazed at the powerful gusts of wind, so please continue to work on harvesting this renewable potential energy.

Stephen Brown