Letter: Instead of campaigning, just govern



I have read many articles recently making the point that President Obama will be able to do a better job during his second term because he won’t have to focus on or worry about re-election. We should demand more from our president and all presidents to come. It is absolutely not acceptable to have our president get elected, focus on his job for two years, then focus on being re-elected for the next two years. Nowhere in the president’s job description will you find “get re-elected.” When the president is spending his time and our money in the efforts of re-election, our country is paying the price.

I understand that debates are important and the president should be prepared for them. But we do not need our president traveling city to city convincing the American people that he did a good job; his past four years tell us what we need to know and the debates can be used to discuss future plans. We should have a president that puts our country before his personal image and takes his job as seriously as it is intended to be taken. It is a once-in-a-lifetime, four- to eight-year commitment and we deserve 100 percent.

Ron Hughes Jr.