Talking Points: Oden will fit in well with Cavs



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


For years, Bill Simmons of ESPN and Grantland fame has noted: “God hates Cleveland.”

Face it. The sports history in Cleveland is dismal. The Drive. The Fumble. Jordan’s Shot. Art Modell. Then, of course, there was The Decision.

Well, maybe, just maybe, God is on Cleveland’s side this time.

Reports out of Cleveland say the Cavaliers are interested in signing Greg Oden.

Sure, Oden has had a few minor injuries over the years, but this has to be a good thing for Cleveland.

Cavs fans should be getting excited. I mean how many times can your favorite team get a guy who was so good he was picked ahead of Kevin Durant in the NBA draft?

Once Oden is healthy, and surely that’s a guarantee, we’re sure he will score 22 points, grab 14 boards, and block six shots per game.

He will star in commercials.

He will host Saturday Night Live.

He will eventually win Olympic Gold with Team USA.

And then, and only then, Simmons will write that God hates Portland.


We’re glad that Randy Moss decided to tell the world that he thinks he is the greatest wide receiver of all time. It gave us a good laugh, and it gave us another reason to look up Jerry Rice’s numbers.

Rice led the league in receiving yards six times. Randy Moss, the self-proclaimed best receiver of all time, led the league in receiving yards as many times as The Columbian sports staff.

That would be zero.

Moss, the touchdown maker, led the league in receiving TDs five times. Rice did it six times.

Oh, and Jerry Rice never played for three different teams in one season because the first two teams hated him so much.

Sorry Randy.

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