Letter: The role of educator is misjudged



In response to Rep. Liz Pike's, R-Camas, posting of a letter to teachers, I agree that I am paid well for doing the work I love. She is mistaken, however, on the scope of my employment. I am a part-time worker. I do not have a full-time job and am only paid for my contracted hours. She is inaccurate when she speaks of summer, spring and Christmas vacations. These are not vacations, these are simply days I do not work and for these days, I am not paid. The teachers still in the classrooms, cleaning and preparing for next year, are volunteers. In August, I and thousands of teachers will begin our school year many days before our contracted year begins. We are volunteers and volunteers are unpaid.

I was surprised to read that Pike did not realize that she could choose a career in education today. I was 49 when I went back to school for my bachelor's followed by two more years for my endorsement in Special Education. I have been happily teaching special education at the high school level for seven years.

I wish Pike success in following the career of her choice.

Susan Hathaway