Letter: Cultivate revenue for help programs



I read Christopher Sheppert’s June 25 letter, “Marijuana has many consequences.” It took courage for a middle school student to write such a letter and I commend him for doing so. I agree with Sheppert. I know a local 17-year-old young man who got hooked on marijuana over a year ago, and he is now under the control of the state of Washington legal system. He is being treated now for schizophrenia. The first time he had this problem he ended up in a hospital in Portland to be treated, but was released shortly after. When he comes home it requires someone to watch him 24/7. The parents need to work to support their families. When this young man comes off his medication for any reason he becomes another person entirely.

Our state of Washington doesn’t have enough places to treat these conditions in Vancouver for young people under 18 years of age. Personal use is legal now in our state concerning marijuana and will be taxed accordingly, but I would hope more of the revenue money will be set aside to help treat this condition as they did in the past to help treat alcoholics and gambling addiction.

Marlin Dunlap