Letter: Villagers bow to power of kingdom



Being a peasant in the Kingdom of Clark, I am ruled by a party called Republicstan. We have leaders who are very smart, and if you don’t believe that, just ask them.

Our leaders like trains for moving coal, oil, etc., but they do not like trains for peasants (people). If we had trains for people, they tell us bad people would come to our Kingdom since we have no bad people now.

Some peasants suggested that we need a new bridge and we could trade with peasants across the river. Our party leaders did not like any of these ideas and especially to share them with other peasants. Our Kingdom has friends who would help pay for that bridge, but our leaders were too wise for that and rejected their money.

I’m just happy that our Kingdom still has a drawbridge where I can wait in line to go across the bridge when I take my grand peasant children to different lands.

I am also excited because our party leaders have anointed another person whom they like a lot. He is responsible for the land, water, fish and animals of our Kingdom. He is qualified because he is very smart, and if you do not believe that, you can just ask him.

John S. Neumann