Letter: Opportunity missed



Welcome to Quietown, USA, the city that doesn’t want to be connected to Big City across the river. No modern bridge to alleviate traffic jams, no light-rail connection. No sir, Quietown doesn’t want to be part of Big City’s growing metropolis. But, of course, it is. There will always be more jobs in Big City. There will always be commuters and Quietown will continue to grow in size.

On the one hand, Quietown is planning a large commercial and urban waterfront development. On the other hand, Quietown will be frustrating growth with a 20th Century transportation system. There’s a conflict between those who want to develop Quietown as part of Big City’s metropolitan area and those who want it to stay separate and keep its small town, rural flavor.

So, what’s Quietown’s future? Will it attract new business in spite of an antiquated transportation system? Or, will even more of its citizens have to commute because they can’t find jobs in Quietown? Will people be attracted to the waterfront development or will the traffic jams cause people to look elsewhere.

What will future citizens of Quietown think of those of us today who missed the opportunity to build a modern freeway bridge and extend light rail from Big City to Quietown?

Philip S. Parker