Letter: Too much money sent overseas



Recently, I was at the Veterans Medical Center; it is truly a graphic example of the effects of war.

The World War II veterans and the American people are the ones who pulled together, as one, in the four years it took to bring an end to that war. Many of these veterans are dismayed at the direction the politicians are taking, and have taken, this country. Subsequent wars seem to be politically controlled and continue to plunge the nation deeper in debt. In all these wars, few politicians or members of their families have served in the military.

When you look at who prospers from these un-winnable wars, it’s not the veterans. When they come home, many have trouble receiving the benefits they were promised, their good-paying jobs have been outsourced, and the infrastructure is crumbling. New jobs do not provide a wage that will sustain their families.

In the last two years, the U.S. has provided humanitarian aid to Syria, pledging an additional $300 million, bringing the total to nearly $815 million. At the same time, the government has cut $400 million from the SNAP program, formerly called food stamps.

It seems that we are outsourcing humanitarian aid at the expense of the American people who are also in need.

Wilfred J. Hudson