Letter: Real leadership needed post-CRC



Maybe now we can get back to real discussions about how to improve the Vancouver we already enjoy, since the anti-light-rail platform is suddenly missing its primary mode of transit for getting votes.

It takes real work to think about the complicated issues that arise for civic leaders, and it takes real work to get citizens to vote for things like leadership and problem-solving.

So for the past few years, a handful of political movers and shakers have found it far easier to scare people into voting against trains and all the awful things that might come from a bridge with a train, rather than get bogged down in pesky issues like economic development or staffing.

Now that the Columbia River Crossing is winding down, do you know what your candidates and representatives think about police, fire and parks? Do you know who they’re partnering with to boost jobs in our area?

My kids will graduate from high school in 2020s Vancouver and need real leadership, not one-hit wonders that belong in the 1980s.

Eric LaBrant