Arnada market recognized as Right to Know grocer



Arnada — Neighbors Market doesn’t just want to feed you; it wants you to understand your food. Founded by Lynn Krogseng in 2010, the little grocery store at 1707 Main St. was named one of the Top 10 Right to Know grocers in the Pacific Northwest by the Organic Consumers Association, and its Organic Retail and Consumer Alliance ( Consumers nominated 156 stores nationwide, and OCA interviewed store owners and confirmed their policies and strategies. The OCA applauded Neighbors Market for “pressuring food manufacturers to transition from GMO (genetically modified organism) to non-GMO ingredients, and providing consumers with clear labeling, so they can make informed choices.” In May, Krogseng told The Columbian, “I want to educate people who aren’t already aware what’s wrong with our food system. I have taken my activism and made it into this store.”