Talking Point: Bring out your injured!




Here's a transcript of a conversation between the Yankees and the MLB office concerning the playing status of Alex Rodriguez:

MLB: "Who have you got eligible to be on the disabled list?"

Yankees: "Alex Rodriguez."

A-Rod: "I'm not injured."

MLB: "What?"

A-Rod: "I'm not injured."

MLB: "He says he's not injured."

Yankees: "Yes, he is. He's got a strained quad."

A-Rod: "I'm getting better."

Yankees: "No, you're not. You'll be limping around in no time."

MLB: "We can't put him on the DL like that. It's against regulations."

A-Rod: "I don't want to stay in the minors."

Yankees: "Don't be such a baby."

MLB: "We don't have time for this. We're up to our eyeballs in PED investigations. We're about hand down some pretty severe suspensions."

A-Rod: "I think I'll play a doubleheader."

Yankees: "You're not fooling anyone, you know .... (to MLB) Isn't there anything you can do?"

A-Rod: "I feel happy, I feel happy, I feel happy ..."


Given the 24/7, 365 nature of our culture, football media days aren't likely to tell us anything we don't know.

In many ways, exercises like the one the Pac-12 will perform today seem pointless. Coaches will talk of lofty goals, players will talk of dedication and off-season workouts. Revelations? Not a media day staple.

We all know this. Yet plenty of college football fans will take the time to listen to what the coach of their favorite team has to say.

A waste of time? Sure -- if you are supposed to be performing surgery or closing a sale instead of streaming Mike Leach's press conference.

Otherwise, go ahead. Let Sark's bark get you fired up for the Huskies' return to prominence. Let Mike Riley's class act fill your gut with Beaver belief. Let new Oregon coach Mark Helfrich show you he is prepared for the neon yellow spotlight on him in Eugene.

Because before turnovers and injuries and eligibility challenges make you wonder why you put your emotional well-being on the line each week, you need the nourishment that only the hope of a new season can provide.