Letter: Support Clark College effort



As a student, I was glad to read of Clark College’s fundraising campaign to raise $20 million. Clark is a great opportunity for those who don’t want to spend the enormous expense other colleges have while getting a credible associate in arts degree. Even though Clark is a community college, it is ranked among the top community colleges in the state of Washington. This campaign, Ensuring a Bright Future, implemented by community volunteer Jan Oliva and Bob Knight, president of Clark College, is for the purpose of improving “scholarships, health care programs, science, technology, engineering and mathematics education, as well as facilities.” It has already successfully raised $17 million but wants to reach the goal of obtaining the remaining $3 million.

When the state is providing less and less funding for Clark College, it’s more dependent on the generous donations from the public. As more and more state and Ivy League colleges raise their tuition, this leads more people to attend their community college due to more reasonable prices. Still, I have witnessed the tuition rise since going to Clark, so I hope people will give more to support this fundraising effort. I don’t want my generation to make the choice not to go to college because it is not affordable.

Paige Morrison