Letter: Madore, Mielke, Benton: Resign



As a former freeholder, elected twice, and also wife of former six-term County Assessor Ben Gassaway, I’ve been politically active in Clark County for more than 40 years. I strongly suggest we should not have to go through the arduous, expensive process of once again attempting to attain integrity in government through home rule. We need not be forced into an expensive, difficult process of signature gathering for recall. Why not? Because the resignations of County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke and state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, could solve the entire matter instantly.

These men don’t seem to be able to admit, nor recognize, the long-term repercussions their actions have on their names and reputations, combined with embarrassment and possible humiliation to their families. Also, the unacknowledged damage to reputations of others in their political party, not least, distress to those who no longer support nor trust their decisions.

Three resignations could save taxpayers thousands of dollars and thousands more in hours we spend. And why? One reason only: We would give all that effort just to get these three out of office. Prompt resignations could create some semblance of honor, for these men and for their political party.

June Parr Gassaway