Letter: Solutions start with gun safety



Has it only been six months since the massacre of 20 first-graders and six staff members in Newtown, Conn.? In some ways it seems like yesterday. Perhaps that is because we hear the same type of news about other gun-related deaths day after day after day. I decided to keep tabs on gun-related murders after the Newton massacre. It didn’t take long for me to become despondent as the numbers rose to sickening heights.

So what progress has been made in the area of gun safety in the last six months? Unfortunately, next to none, minimal, zilch, nada … it’s the same old same old, with the same old lobby and same old Wild West mentality holding tight.

So what’s new with gun massacres? Oh, not much. Just another troubled young man with 1,300 rounds of ammunition, who shot his father and brother, set the house afire and then went about killing strangers. Just another day.

This important issue must remain before the voters and those interested in gun safety. Call, write, be vocal with our representatives. Be responsible with your own gun/rounds of ammunition buying habits. Teach kids about gun safety and practice it ourselves. It’s a start.

Cathy Boyer